Summer’s Coming

I’ve been so busy in my shop/studio the last few months, trying to be ready for the tourist season.  It is starting to pick up a bit now, but days are still unpredictable, sometimes lots of cars, sometimes only a few.  I like this time of the season because there are people around but it’s not too busy so I can still get things accomplished in the studio.  Once the full on busy time starts it is hard to get much work done because I’m too busy chatting with customers. (Not a bad thing! 🙂  One of the things I have accomplished lately is making some jewellery.  I have made some pendants and learned how to wire wrap them from my friend Gayle Bird.  Gayle makes awesome wire wrapped jewellery. I wear it a lot.  I also finally got my rings finished.  When I was a kid I used to pick up pieces of glass in the park behind the Community Arts portable and then I would make a little dish and put the glass in it and my mum would fire it.  I always loved seeing that rather drab old beer bottle glass turn into sparkling melted glass in the bottom of my creation.  That image has stuck with me and I decided to try and incorporate that sparkle into some jewellery.  I’ve made two different sizes of rings, one is HUGE! But it is fun to wear huge rings sometimes.  There’s a smaller size too, not really that small actually, about 1.5-1.75″.

Today was the first day that I had the rings in my shop and I sold 4!   I’m pretty happy about that because even though I might like a new product that I make it’s not always guaranteed that the public will like it.  Jewellery is such a different thing for me to be making, so it’s nice to see that people like it (other than me!).  I just listed the smaller sized ring in my zibbet shop.

Excuse the rough hand!  This is actually the smaller sized ring, although it looks quite large here.

Bye for now,



3 thoughts on “Summer’s Coming

  1. I love the new jewelry line Sarah. Saw some pieces travelling through my shop one of them was a reptile necklace, looked like raku. It was beautiful and looked great on the lady adorning it.

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