My Love for you will never Tapir off

Yes, that’s right, I love you all, all of you who come and visit my blog and that love will never die. (Well, except for the spammers that try and post comments…they aren’t getting any love from me!)   Happy New Year and Happy Valentine’s day too, for that matter.

Speaking of Valentine’s Day, I’d like to share something and ask for your support. I have a shop on called The Artful Badger where I sell cards and buttons and prints.  I have a card design that has two Tapirs nuzzling each other with a heart above their heads and says, “My Love for you will never Tapir off”. Today the organisation, “World Tapir Day” posted a link to my card on their Facebook page. I got hundreds (HUNDREDS!!!!) of hits on the card, which is pretty unusual in such a short space of time and a customer was kind enough to tell me about the facebook posting. I went to their facebook page and saw that they donate all funds raised through their shop to an organisation called World Land Trust. World Land Trust is dedicated to saving habitats and creating nature preserves around the world. Because a good part of my living is made selling my animal creations I like to donate to this kind of charity as often as I can.

I have a digital form of this card that is available for download and I would like to donate $1 from each card downloaded from my Etsy shop between now and April 27th, World Tapir Day, to World Land Trust.   Once you buy the digital card then you will get a link to the download.  You will receive a version of the card in pdf and jpg formatted so that you can print it out on an 8.5×11 sheet and cut it in half.  Here is the link to the download of the card: or you can click the picture below.

tapir off card mock up for etsy listing

Thanks for your help!  I’m off to Mexico for my sister’s wedding!  Maybe I’ll get a chance to see a Tapir in the wild. That would be incredible!  I hope you are all enjoying this wonderful winter.  The snowshoeing here has been incredible.  Paul and I are going to go out for a moonlit snowshoe tonight.

Stay warm, I will be toasting in Mexico,

Hasta luego,


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