Mugs, Movember and Me

Well it was a busy season at Wildfire Pottery, the summer months at least were busy, the fall was a bit slower than normal. Many friendly visitors from all over the world made it a lot of fun.  My husband Paul is retired from lighthouse keeping now, so he’s around full time and helps me out with the sales.  He’s my super salesman actually!   He also cooks almost all the suppers and spells me off at lunch-time so that I can have a bit of a break. He’ll often play a fiddle tune for the people who stop in.   We got a few postcards from people who were in this summer and said that we were the highlight of our trip!  That made us feel pretty good.  Here’s a nice e-mail I got from ‘Pat’ who visited the shop this fall:

“I stopped in at your shop during Celtic Colours drawn, as I always am, to the promise of a book shop.  Had a nice chat with Paul, who I’d seen at the show at North River Community Center a few nights before.  Paul kindly let me use your lovely outhouse, and I bought a cd, a book, a magnet and a hanging star.  Sarah’s magnet is now holding the star on the refrigerator at my old, soulful cottage in New Campbellton; Paul’s cd helped me drive all those endless miles through Maine on the trip back here to the City; and the book, The Last Best Place:  Lost in the Heart of Nova Scotia will hold me till I’m back on Cape Breton next month. I’ve been telling my co-workers here about your wonderful outhouse, with the beautiful windows looking out at the trees.

I’m so glad I gave in to the temptation to browse a used books store and found your music and pottery as well, and look forward to visiting again when Wildfire’s open next season.”

I have to admit she’s right about the outhouse…it is the nicest one I’ve been in!  Except of course when it is raining and the roof leaks.  As a matter of fact it’s not too comfortable in the winter either, but in the summer it is tops! Thanks so much Pat for your kind words.

Can’t believe it is November already, (again!!) I’m starting to get ready for the Centre for Craft and Design’s Holiday Spirit event.  It is a fine craft market that takes place in Sydney (about an hour away from my studio) and this year they’ve added an extra day to it, which I’m quite excited about.  If you’re in Sydney from Dec. 1-4th you should come to the Craft Centre on Charlotte street to ‘Buy Local’.

I have a new little flying puffin that I think is quite sweet.

November is also Movember in our house.  Paul was diagnosed with prostate cancer 4 years ago, just before our wedding.  He had treatment and his checkups are all clean.  We feel, of course, pretty strongly about raising prostate cancer awareness, so this year Paul is growing a moustache for Movember.  If you don’t know about Movember (Mo is for Moustache) it is when guys all over the world grow moustaches to get people talking about prostate cancer.  Paul’s moustache is quite cheesy looking, so we’re hoping it creates a lot of talk!

Basically it goes something like this, “Hey Paul, what’s with the hairy lip?”, “Well, I’m doing this so you’ll go get your prostate checked” “What would I want to go through that for?!” “Well, it’s better than dying isn’t it?” “….well, yeah, you have a point”.  Or something like that anyway.  A lot of moustaches means a lot of conversations!  Lots of guys, called Mo Bros (and women, called Mo Sista’s) sign up on the Movember website and raise donations that go towards awareness and research.  I am a Mo Sista and have a Mo Space page to raise money.  Now because I don’t have an office job where I can hit up my co-workers for lots of dollars I need to come up with my own way of fundraising so, like this spring when I sold buttons for Japan,  I am selling buttons again and donating $1 from each button to the Movember cause.  You can see my buttons in my online button store

Ok, yes, I admit it, I am obsessed with buttons but I am getting so much pleasure from them!! I can’t stop and I love coming up with new designs.  Speaking of that, a number of people have asked me where I am getting my designs, as in, what website.  They are quite surprised when I say I am drawing most of them myself.  I love the creativity of drawing and also the photoshop work that I do.  I have learned a lot about photoshop over the past few years.

We now interrupt this button advertisement for a note from our sponsor….;)

I’m working on mugs in the studio at the moment….When my mum came to visit last spring she made me about 70 mugs and I glazed them.  I sold almost all of them over the season and I recently tested some new glazes which I tried out on the last few mugs that I hadn’t glazed yet.  Of course I want to keep playing with different combinations of glazes, but no more mugs left to glaze, so I’m going to make some myself.  I am handbuilding them and they are HUGE right now…I have to keep reminding myself that they’ll shrink down when they are fired….but they still might work better as beer steins.  Oh well, no point in having a dainty cup of coffee in the morning anyway, right? Gimme that huge mug!!

Keep Calm and Movember On,


2 thoughts on “Mugs, Movember and Me

  1. Hi Sarah,
    Just reread your blog. love your Movember Buttons. The new puffin is clever.
    I have never seen your wonderful outhouse either, could it be the
    snow piled all around when I’ m there? Get the shovel and
    snowshoes ready , I’m arrriving soon. Save some mugs for me to see. I loved the way you glazed our mugs.
    Love Mum xxoo

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