Website Updated and Featured Zibbet Interview



I finally did it!! The old, rickety, archaic looking monstrosity that used to be has been replaced by something that at least resembles a website made this century.  The rave reviews are pouring in (well at least one)

“Your website is very sophisticated but witha touch of whimsy so as not to be stuffy!”.

Ok, so that is from my good friend Brenda Adam, painter extraordinaire (she did the painting of me below), but who cares! So go and visit and press buttons and ooh and aah. (And if you find any glitches let me know, I’m still tweaking.)


I’m also so pleased and honoured to be the Featured Zibbeter this week on the blog at (Really, I was jumping up and down when they contacted me for the feature!)  Every week they choose a seller out of the 1000’s on the site and do an interview with them.  So if you are curious (or plain nosy :)) and want to know a little more about what inspires me, what my passions are as well as my reading habits then click the banner below.

This week I’m attending Cape Breton’s Women in Business Conference.  It’s a two day event held at a resort about 45 minutes away.  two other friends who have craft businesses in my community are going with me.  We’re going to attend a trade fair and make sure people in Cape Breton know about the St. Ann’s artist community and what we have to offer.  There are more than 10 artists with working studios all pretty close to me so we really want people to know that it makes a good day trip.  Retail therapy, don’t we all need that?!! I am really trying to make an effort to network these days.  I just came back from a business trip to North Carolina where we looked at the handmade craft movement.  It really helped to strengthen a belief I already have about the importance of group marketing.  I think the more we all work together the better we’ll do. So that’s why I’m going to the conference…of course a girls night out at a resort has nothing to do with it!!

Be well everyone,


oh, I’m now on Twitter.  Follow me if you like for updates and web specials.  (I still can’t get used to that…follow me…it’s like begging for a stalker.  I feel like I need to look over my shoulder when I get that message…”Cape Breton is now Following you…” EEK!)


One thought on “Website Updated and Featured Zibbet Interview

  1. Website looks great. Photos are great. Fantastic interview on Zibbett (thanks for mentioning the basket makers). Applause for you!

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