Small Plates

Making plates

I’ve been in the studio making plates…lots and lots of plates! Here’s a little video to show you part of the process: (Please excuse the shaky camera, I was filming it with my ipad, so only had one hand free.) A photo of some drying plates: I get excited looking at how many I have…


The Making of a Raku Bear Box

The making of a Polar Bear Box in photos.  Some of the steps are missing photos but I will try and outline the process. The pictures will give you an idea of how I do it and if you want to read the ramblings in between them then you’ll learn even more! Most of these…

Just Grow it

Mugs, Movember and Me

Well it was a busy season at Wildfire Pottery, the summer months at least were busy, the fall was a bit slower than normal. Many friendly visitors from all over the world made it a lot of fun.  My husband Paul is retired from lighthouse keeping now, so he’s around full time and helps me…

Sarah beck, painted by Brenda Adam

An interview with me.

This was taken in my studio. Enjoy! Sarah Oh and thanks to the Cape Breton Centre for Craft and Design for doing it.  Have a look at their website, all newly designed and fabulous looking.

I Love Japan button

Buttons for Japan by The Artful Badger

I have always loved pinback button badges.  They are such a nifty little way to send a message and show off whatever side of your personality you want.  I was thinking about new products to have in my shop and thought hey, I could make buttons!! So I got a button maker and jumped right…