Warm plates

I am pulling warm pots out of the kiln.  I love the feeling of them and I wish they would stay warm forever! I was holding one and suddenly I had a memory of myself as a little girl siting in my mum’s studio watching her unload the kiln.  Her studio is in the basement and is sometimes chilly.  I remember she would sometimes hand me a mug or a plate and I would wrap my arms around it and absorb the warmth until it was cool and she’d hand me another one.

I visit her studio a lot in my mind.  I was glazing mugs the other day. Mugs you say?! Wait a minute, you don’t make mugs Sarah!  That’s right but when my mum was here this winter she made me about 50 mugs!! So all I had to do was glaze them…yeah, that’s all!! (sarcasm there) It’s different glazing a mug than a plate, but I think they’re turning out pretty well.  Anyway, I was glazing the mugs and suddenly had a strong memory triggered by the smell of the glazes  (kind of damp, mineral-y, earthy smell).  Again I was in my mum’s studio looking at all the mugs that she had glazed, lined up beside the kiln.  I love how  our memories can be triggered by a smell or a sound.  Pretty amazing the human brain.  Oh listen to me getting all introspective! I have WORK TO DO!!!!

If you want to visit my mum’s studio (not the one in the basement but the other lovely, bright and cheery one) you can go to Wells, BC where she is now open for the season.  Or visit www.beckspottery.com

Have a great day wherever you are.  It’s sunny and bright in Cape Breton and the Lupins are in full, exuberant bloom!

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