VE7IG, walkers in the woods, and a New Year’s Levee.

This Christmas has been really nice.  My parents, who live in British Columbia arrived mid-December.  This is the first Christmas that I have had any family here (other than my husband Paul and our dog Lola).  Most of the time we go out to BC for Christmas or to Toronto to see Paul’s family, so it was a special treat to have a family Christmas in my own home.  Of course the time flies by.  We really have had a holiday, just reading books, eating chocolate, playing Boggle, eating chocolate, playing ukuleles, walking, eating chocolate…  My dad is a Ham radio operator and he has an antenna that he keeps here and puts up when he arrives.  He brought a portable radio with him (you can see it in the photos below) and talks to people all over the world.  During this visit he has made about 1400 contacts!  He has been doing this since he was in his teens and he’s now in his early 70s and still loves it.  His call sign is VE7IG.  My mum, who is also a potter, made me some of our mother/daughter mugs.  I have a few orders for our mugs, which she makes and I glaze, so I’ll be sending those out to people when I get them finished.  Mum and I also got a fair bit of walking in.  We are practicing for this spring when we are going to France to walk on the Camino Trail.  We’ll probably walk between 3-400 km in one month, so we have to get in shape!

If you’d like to experience a little restful moment in the woods behind my house here’s a video for you.  I think it might sound a bit too much like the sounds that play in those little kiosks in the back corner of a kitschy store (you know, sandwiched between the smelly candles and the incense burners), but if you don’t like it, you can turn it off! 🙂  (Sorry for any wobbly blurry bits).  This is a creek that runs nearby, we actually get our water from it.  I thought it would be nice listening for those of you reading this blog entry.  Special cameo roles by my mum, Joan Beck and Lola the wonder dog (sorry, Lola’s scenes wound up on the cutting room floor).

Here are some pictures from our Christmas visit.  Mostly from our walks, but there is one of our good friend Mairi Thom and her beagle Lovat.  Mairi is originally from Scotland, but now lives in Baddeck, about 35 minutes away.  When we are in Cape Breton at Christmas she always joins us which helps it feel more like a family event.  Mairi is a vet, but she is also very artistic.  She sews and knits and makes jewellery.  (She knit the hat she is wearing in the photo) This past summer I sold some of her felted bags in my shop; they were very popular!  She is often my creative sounding board and I am SO happy and lucky that she is my friend.

My parents leave on Tuesday, but we’ve got one more event.  Tomorrow is our neighbour’s whisky party.  All sorts of lovely libations, most from Scotland, some from Ireland….Mostly single malts, but a few blended ones do sneak by.  Usually there are around 30 different whiskies present….and of course all must be sampled.  Aren’t we lucky that we can walk to this party?

I have posted new pottery items in my Wildfire Pottery Zibbet shop, so if you are in desperate need of a puffin, or a gnome home, you know where to go!

As the last photo says, Happy New Year!!

All the best,


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