Its Raining Goblins

Hello to all of you who haven’t given up on me and my lack of postings over the summer.  I was so busy working in the shop that I just didn’t have the time to write anything.  But now we’re coming to the end of the season and I wanted to post some pictures of my new little goblins and Fairy Mushrooms.  The Cape Breton Centre for Craft and Design has a show every year at this time to celebrate the Celtic Colours International Festival which is a music festival held on the island and starts tonight (Oct.9-17).  I’m  pretty busy because I also play the fiddle and usually perform at some point in the festival (Thursday night in Baddeck!) Anyway, last yearfor the Craft Centre’s show I had a penguin colony with about 80 little penguins.  This year the show was called “Myth in the Mist” and the theme was fairies.  I tried to make fairies but nothing came out right so I switched to goblins.  Flying goblins wrapped in leaves.  Sorry about the fuzzy pictures, somehow I can’t even take pictures with my camera on the “pictures for dummies” mode.

My Favourite Goblin


Fuzzy Goblin Satyr Guy

Sheepish Goblin

Goblins Ho!

Billy Redfoot

The Strawberry Snatcher

Goblins Hit the Roof

Canned Goblins

Leaf me alone

Fun guys

Up to the gills

Shroom Town

A Shroom With a View

Tea light delights

I'm all ears

A fire in ma belly!

Hope you enjoy them! If you want to go see the show it runs October 8-Nov 13 and the whole show is great.  I went to the opening last night and as always was impressed!  I want Gayle Bird‘s fairy jewellery.


6 thoughts on “Its Raining Goblins

  1. Oh my god, those are so cute. I can’t decide which I like best, the faeries inna jar or all those little mushrooms. They remind me of some little mushroom men that we’ve got – so cute… yet slightly terrifying.

  2. The goblins are fabulous. I have several of your lovely critters and am plotting how I can come visit again soon for a goblin fix. Well done!

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