Online Shops

Here are links to my Etsy shops:

Wildfire Pottery

The Artful Badger


Zazzle Shops:

Fiddle Me This

fiddle me this zazzle banner

The Artful Badger


Zazzle is a print on demand site.  This means that I upload my designs to Zazzle and place them on various products that they offer such as t-shirts, bags, hats, etc.  If someone purchases one of those items then Zazzle makes the products and sends it to them and I get a royalty from the sale of the item.  I have two shops on Zazzle.  One is Fiddle Me This which is, obviously, fiddle based. Lots of designs for violin players and fans of the music.  The other is The Artful Badger which has a range of designs from pottery to valentines to moustaches.

Here’s an example of an apron with my Keep Calm and Throw Stuff design on it:

2 thoughts on “Online Shops

  1. looking for a wall hanging of a puffin, had one of yours but it broke, broke my heart and trying to replace it

    • HI Ruth,
      I don’t have any made at the moment, but drop me a line again in a couple of months and I should have one.
      Thanks…sorry yours broke. 😦

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