Medieval Market, better late than never!


Happy 2011!

As usual I am SO far behind in my blog entries, but I’ll try to recap the last few months.  The summer was great! Lots of visitors from all over came to my shop.  My best season yet.   It was a busy fall for me too.  After the Celtic Colours Festival in October I drove across the US and Canada with my dad, who had driven out from British Columbia in early September.  We went down through New England where we visited with friends, crossed through Ohio, up to Michigan’s  Northern Peninsula (listening to The Polka Carousel on WRHC Radio), then over to Wisconsin, through Minnesota, then to North Dakota and up to Canada from there.  I found it pretty stressful.  The extent of my city driving has been Halifax, which I have driven in about twice.  One of those times I had to drive through a roundabout.  I think I just closed my eyes and went really fast.  I don’t know how people can stand driving on freeways that are so crowded.  Trucks and Trucks and Trucks and construction.  Ugh!  I guess I’m just a country girl.  I loved the time with my dad though, making jokes about road signs and place names, listening to audio books and just chatting.  We also stopped to visit my sister Karen in Calgary and went to the restaurant, “West“,  where she is the wine director.  The food was great! Tuna Tataki. YUM! It took dad and I about 10 days in total to get to Williams Lake.   I stayed there with my parents for about a month and did the Medieval Market with my mum who is also a potter.  I took my tools with me and about 5 boxes of the sculpture clay that I use because my mum’s clay is different.  We had a great time.  I cleaned out a space in her studio and we worked together.  I had hoped to bring a bunch of stuff with me from Cape Breton, but there wasn’t much left in the store after the Celtic Colours rush!  The Medieval Market is a craft fair with a….you guessed it (cue the fifes), Medieval theme! The vendors dress up in medieval costumes (see below for our version of medieval haute couture, ahem!) and decorate their booths accordingly.  There’s a lot of burlap and velvet.  It is really a great fair, 25 years old, I think and run by volunteers who were excellent.  We had  some articles written about us in the local paper in the weeks leading up to the market, so I think the hype helped.  I had a banner, magnets, business cards and rack cards done through Vista Print and they turned out really well!  I came up with the slogan “Potter and Daughter” and put it on the HUGE banner (6’x2.5′) that hung above the whole length of our booth.  I could easily get addicted to Vista Print, they have great deals and the site is pretty easy to use.  I have gotten quite a few good little marketing treats from them.  The cards and magnets were cool, I found some images of medieval potters to use and we got quite a few compliments on them.   (I am supposed to be the hot chick with the curly tresses.  Or maybe they are dreadlocks.  Can’t really tell….).



Our booth was really busy, on the first day we didn’t stop wrapping for about 4 hours!  They have live music for most of the weekend and I played my fiddle for about an hour and a half in the afternoon of the first day (leaving my mum to deal with the great unwashed.  What?! They’re medieval, nobody bathed!).  We finished the market exhausted, but really satisfied with how successful it had been.

At the end of November I went home for a few weeks and then my husband Paul and I went back to BC for Christmas.  It was nice to be able to spend so much time with my family, but good to get back to Cape Breton, just in time for a great New Year’s eve party with the MacNeil family.  Congratulations to Lisa and Boyd on their new house!

I am easing my way back into being productive.  Slowly, very slowly, I am cleaning up my studio.  Anyone who knows me will tell you that cleaning, tidying, or even thinking about making order out of chaos is not my normal state.  But I am making progress.  Today I threw out a bunch of stuff that I will probably need next week, but it sure feels great!  I kind of tend to ignore messes until they pile up around me and suddenly I wake to them and get frantic with the need to clean up.  So I’m in the frantic mode right now, but kind of enjoying it because it doesn’t happen often!

There is more going on (bookstore fun!),  but I’ll save that for the next entry.  You can probably expect that some time in April.   I think I’m kidding, but you never know!!

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