Lark Books Likes Me!

I got word last week that an image of my puffins has been accepted into a Lark Books publication titled 500 Raku, to be released in spring 2011.  I’m so happy because I really like Lark and think their books are well done.  I have a bunch of their titles on my bookshelf already.  I even went to their headquarters in Asheville, NC this spring while I was there and peered in their window.  Sadly they weren’t open to the public and I didn’t really feel like I could buzz them to open the door and ask them if I’d gotten into their book….I didn’t have the guts!

As I said I’m happy.  It is also going to be kind of fun to display the book in my shop…yeah, I’m in a book, pretty neat eh? Maybe I will even sell them in my bookstore.

This summer has been mad!! So busy, my busiest season yet in fact.  I’ve basically been playing catch up since June, and haven’t caught up yet.  So really I better stop blogging and start glazing! But I just had to share my good news.

Bye for now,


Here’s what the cover of the book looks like.lark500 Raku: Bold Explorations of a Dynamic Ceramics Technique

Click the link above to buy it on Amazon.

3 thoughts on “Lark Books Likes Me!

  1. Big congratulations! Guaranteed the book will be gorgeous and extra special with Wildfire pottery in it ! I have the 500 Baskets one and look at it often for inspiration.

  2. Congratulations from an aspiring raku potter on the South Shore…!!! My earliest work is on my website but I have improved a bit since then….;-)

    I recently saw one of your puffins at Right Off the Bat in PEI and loved it. So glad it has received the recognition it deserves.

    Do you ever do “joint” raku firings? I would love the excuse to put a few pieces of bisque in the car and drive to beautiful Cape Breton..

    Please let me know

    Chuck Mora – 902-644-3612

  3. Hi Sar,
    Congratulations. We are so proud. Lesley was also thrilled
    to hear your great news. We can hardly wait to see the book. Lark Books! Great honour.
    See you soon!!!

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