Knee Pots

I thought I’d do a quick posting about how these Moose Bowls are made.

I roll out a large slab of clay and cut out some circles.  I use something called a “needle tool”, which looks something like a pen with a large, you guessed it, NEEDLE, attached to the end of it.  Hey diabetic potters, save your syringes, they’d make great needle tools!   It cuts cleanly through the slab of clay.  I then slap the circles onto the table, stretching them out a bit and changing their shape slightly because I don’t want them to be perfectly round, that’s boring.

I then stamp some designs on the non-circle, today they were all moose bowls.  I have a moose stamp and a hoof stamp that I have made out of clay.  Here’s where the knee bit comes into it.  I put some plastic over my knee (sometimes i don’t, it just depends if I care if my pants stay clean or not…they are never actually that clean…I am a potter!).  Then I drape the stamped, elongated, ex-circle over the plastic and press it around my knee.

(ps, if you recognize the sweatshirt I’m wearing it’s because you left it at my house after my wedding…that was two and a half years ago, you aren’t getting it back now…but thanks!)

Then I take the piece of clay off my knee, now it is bowl-shaped.  I even out the edges because they can be a bit crinkly sometimes and place it upside-down on the table.  Then I cut out a flat strip of clay with a beveled edge on one side.  I form that into a ring, joining the two ends, and place it with the bevelled side down, on the back of the bowl.  The contour of the bowl fits into the bevel in the ring. This ring will form the foot of the bowl.

I draw around the ring, outlining where the ring is going to go, then I take off  the ring and scratch the clay where I’m going to put the ring. (That’s “score the clay” for all you people who are already clay-lingo savvy). You can see that in the pic on the right. I do the same to the bevelled side of the ring.

Next I wet the scored clay and attach the two pieces. I flip the bowl over and press firmly from both directions to join the foot to the bowl.  I smooth around the outside and inside of the foot ring to make an attractive join.  I also make sure the edges of the foot ring are rounded a bit to prevent chipping from use.  (A sharp edge will chip more easily than a rounded one, you can keep this in mind when you are buying pottery….Of course sometimes sharp edges are part of the design of a piece.)  Lastly I sign my name inside the foot ring.  I will glaze the front and back of the bowl, but I don’t glaze that part.

Here’s what they will look like after they are glazed.  I’ll be listing them in my Zibbet Shop soon.

Tomorrow I think I might try some elbow sake cups…hmm….wonder what other body parts I could use? LOL!

Thanks for reading,


ps, If you also are an artist or crafty person and are interested in selling online check out this link to  find out how to set up shop on Zibbet. Exciting times there as so many new sellers are joining the site.


3 thoughts on “Knee Pots

    • Thanks Yuri,
      I have fun doing them. Makes me think about the process too and makes me realize how much I actually know about clay. 🙂 And yet I’ll spend my lifetime learning more!

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