Peep Peep. Easter Tweets, March Hares and Blog Features.

Here are some new Easter Chicks I made just over a week ago.  I had fun making them because I’ve never done an Easter ornament before.

It was good to try out these different glaze colours.  Mostly I use glazes that I mix up myself from “scratch” but all of these colours (except the white) are commercial glazes that I buy in small jars.  They worked perfectly to get the nice bright Easter look.  I have these little guys for sale right now in my zibbet shop.  If I have any left at Easter I am going to take them to my friend’s annual Easter party and hide them around outside for people to find.  I bought some of those plastic hollow eggs that come apart in two halves and they fit snugly inside them.  A little bright tissue and it’s the perfect non-fat Easter treat!

Lately I have been really getting into taking pictures of my pieces because I’m doing all these new listings in my Zibbet shop.  Some of the pictures are still a little dark for my liking but I’m learning how to play with the lighting levels in photoshop and it’s fun trying to come up with different backgrounds to place the pieces against.  For example I am trying to “work with the snow” and not against it (although I really want it all gone NOW!) by using it as a backdrop for some pictures.  I think the seals kind of look like beers in a tub of ice.  Seal pops!

This rust coloured background is just that.  A large rusted boiler cover I pulled out of an old dump on a neighbour’s property.  I love the texture.  I’m trying to create a cohesive look to the pictures in my zibbet shop without making them all the same background, so looking for natural colours, moss, snow, rust, gravel…. I’ll probably try some birch bark at some point.  I’m really enjoying it.  This hare was featured in another blog with an Easter/Alice in Wonderland theme, you can see that post here.  This morning I got an email saying that one of my starfish had been chosen to be today’s blog feature at the I love Handmade Blog.  I was very flattered.  (In case you haven’t figured this out you can click any of the orange text links in this post and that will take you to the site I am mentioning.)

Well I better get back to work. Bye for now,



3 thoughts on “Peep Peep. Easter Tweets, March Hares and Blog Features.

  1. Sarah; I love these sweet Easter chicks. If I had been home and on the ball I would have ordered some for Mackenzie & the Dawson crowd. Maybe I should get some now for next year…. but would I remember where I put them? Susan X

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