Zibbet is back!

Just a quick note to let you know what happened with Zibbet over the last few days.  (Zibbet is the online site where I sell my work)

Last week there was a huge influx of sellers to the site.  This actually overloaded their servers and brought the site down.  The guys at zibbet worked really hard to get the site transferred over to new servers.  There were some complications but now the site is back up and way faster than before.  I was so impressed by the constant updates to sellers by the zibbet staff over the weekend.  They really kept us informed about what was going on. The great news is that the downtime doesn’t seem to have been detrimental to the site. The premium accounts are selling like crazy today.  I have been checking in off and on over the day and almost 50 premium accounts have sold in the last 8 hours. I’m really excited because I intend to use zibbet as my main online selling site and the more sellers we get, the better it will do.

I have been away for the past week on a business trip to North Carolina.  It was amazing and I will be doing a blog post here soon.  First I have to deal with all the things that didn’t get done while I was away…Really I just want to go back to the blossoms and the mountains around Asheville.  Is it ever a wonderful spot!  I saw so much great pottery.

Stay tuned…and go get your zibbet shop! (If you want to sign up for one or have a look at what zibbet has to offer you can click on the banners at the top or bottom of this post.)  If you want to visit my shop on zibbet then click this link.

If you


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