The Barred of North Shore

This lovely Barred Owl has been hanging out outside my studio for the past few weeks.  I think he likes us because we have the most mice in the neighbourhood!  I took this picture from the deck of my studio.  If you zoom in you can see the beautiful softness of the feathers.   Of course as soon as I saw him I started making owls again.  I did a raku firing of some of them today and got some great results.  Some really nice white owls with lots of crackle and plaintive looks.  I’ll try and post pictures of them by next year.  (Well, I’d say I’d put them on here tomorrow but my track record isn’t that great…hey look, it only took me about 4 days!)  My mum has been visiting for the last month and we have been working in the studio together.  She is also a potter and has been making lots of mugs.  I will have to glaze them, but it will be so nice to have mugs in the shop again.  I haven’t made any for years!  We also made some little raku boxes and fired a couple of them today.  Mum’s turned out really nicely.  I haven’t seen mine yet because it was still in the reduction can when we had to leave to go out for supper at the English Country Gardens B & B.  Oh what a hardship…lovely green salad with fresh rolls, (stop reading now if you are a vegetarian) then Prime Rib and Yorkshire Pudding (start again) mashed potatoes, delicious brussel sprouts (yes I know that’s an oxymoron), then a HUGE trifle for dessert with lots of sherry.  (And there was so much trifle I got to take some home for breakfast).  Ok, now I hoped this blog wouldn’t degenerate into talking about what I ate for supper and how many loads of laundry I did today (NONE! And I have refrained from posting pictures of our new stacking washer and dryer in Cherry red which almost makes doing the laundry fun…almost).  So I am only telling you what I had to eat to entice you to come and visit our community where you can stay and eat at the English Country Gardens and visit me in my studio…not so that I could brag about how full I am!

Ok bye for now…I need to go lie down.


2 thoughts on “The Barred of North Shore

  1. Fantastic post! I love your neighbour! I recently snapped a woodpecker just 20 feet away from our back door … he was making a huge hole in a fir tree.

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