Wildfire Pottery featured on Cabot Trail Companion

Hello everyone and happy 2010!

WARNING!! THIS BLOG POSTING CONTAINS BLATANT UNPAID ADVERTISING! Don’t blame me if you feel like spending money when you’ve read it!

I wanted to write about something fun that happened in 2009.  Wildfire Pottery was featured on the Cabot Trail Companion.  It is an audio driving guide to the Cabot Trail. (Which for those of you who haven’t been here yet is a route that most visitors to the island take when they visit the island. One of the best things about the Cabot Trail is that my shop is on it! :).  So this driving guide is kind of  like when you go to a National Park or a Historic Site and they give you those recordings to listen to while you walk around, except this is for driving.  Its not boring or dry either, its quite funny and has lots of interesting facts about Cape Breton’s history, geology, whales, Mi’kmaq culture eagles and a bunch of other good stuff (including a cheesy but love-able bit by Mike Crimp of Wreck Cove Wilderness Cabins in the role of Giovanni Caboto, better known to you as John Cabot!).  You get to hear interviews done with people all around the Cabot Trail and that’s where Wildfire Pottery comes into it. There’s even a picture of me on the back cover!  Its  a 2 cd set, so when you’ve finished driving from Whycocomagh (Why? Why not?) to Meat Cove (yes there’s really a Meat Cove) you pop in the 2nd cd and drive through Aspy Bay, Neil’s Harbour (lucky guy, a whole harbour!), Ingonish, stop to watch the Bald Eagles off of Cape Smokey and then you are cruising down into my neck of the woods in St Ann’s Bay.  There are a lot of Artisans in this area, something I should blog about in the future, and there are three shops featured on the Cabot Trail Companion.  One of them is Wildfire Pottery and the others are Leatherworks and Iron Art and Photographs. The creator of the CD, Jon Stackpool, a somewhat dry but very funny Englishman who’s now become a good friend, came to the studio and interviewed me about life here in Cape Breton.  He also recorded a bit of me playing my fiddle and that’s on the cd too. If you get the Cabot Trail Companion 2 cd set don’t confuse my playing with that of Jennifer Roland’s who’s lovely and lively playing is interspersed throughout the recording.  The only thing I didn’t like about the set is that there wasn’t enough fiddle! I wanted even more…but I think that’s my own addiction.

The cd set came out in time for the past summer season and it was funny because people kept coming into my shop all excited to meet me because they’d been listening to the cd.  A lady came in and she was trying to decide which puffin she wanted.  I told her about another lady who had been in a few days before and had ended up buying 2 puffins because she just couldn’t choose one.  Then I felt like I was being a pushy salesperson, so I told her I wasn’t trying to be pushy and she said “Of course you aren’t! I know you wouldn’t be like that from listening to you on the cd!!”  Isn’t it funny how you do feel like you know someone when you listen to them in an interview.  I suppose it’s true though, you do get a sense of someone from an interview, so I’m glad that the cd has helped to make people feel connected to me before they even come through the door.  I had quite a few people who came in because they had heard me on the cd and they said they wouldn’t have stopped except for the cd, so that’s great!  I asked every person who said they had the cd and were listening to it what they thought of it and they all said they were really enjoying it.  Ok, I have to stop now because this is starting to sound like an infomercial, but it’s because I think the Cabot Trail companion is a great product. It has the right mix of facts and funny!  If you’d like to order one you can get them here. (I told you it was sounding like advertising!)

Stay tuned for news of my new zibbet shop, coming soon!  Also I’ll be writing more about what I’m doing in the studio, if I can get the studio tidied up enough to actually get into it and get some work done!!

Bye for now,


And ps: congratulations to Jon Stackpool who’s been recognized for his contributions to the Chambers Dictionary.


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