A busy fall…

I think I’ve settled into this blogging rhythm.  One post every 3 months, that’s good right?!

It has been a busy time for me, I haven’t had much time to pause for about 7 months!  I rolled right out of a bustling summer into the Cabot Trail Writers Festival, where I sold my used books (I need to do a posting on the used bookstore portion of my shop, it is so fun!).  Then it was the Celtic Colours Festival where I played my fiddle.  Then it was getting ready for the Cape Breton Centre for Craft and Design‘s “Christmas Loft”, a craft fair in a modern-type loft setting.  It is such a great event.  The first evening there is a party, with live music, appies, wine and Martinis to help people get into the shopping mood. (And they might just help frazzled vendors to relax.  Thank-you to my lovely customer Liz who bought loads of pottery, then bought me a drink!)  The next two days of the sale also had live music and the venue is absolutely lovely. There are strings of lights throughout the loft and slowly twirling snowflakes.  The windows look out on one end over Sydney Harbour and the other end over Charlotte Street, where the Santa Claus parade went by on Saturday.  This year’s fair was my most successful yet, so it was worth all of the hard work.  Hard work it is! I pretty much eat sleep and breathe pottery for the last month before the fair.  For the last week I was going to bed between midnight and 2 am and getting up at 5 or 6.  Thank goodness for my husband Paul who cooks great meals, delivers them to the studio and then takes the dishes home and cleans the kitchen! How lucky am I? (He always does the cooking, but delivery and dish-washing aren’t part of the normal routine. ) I made a lot of stock.  I always need to have about 4-5 times as much stock as I actually sell to keep the shelves looking good the whole weekend of the fair.  To sell a lot you need a lot…I guess  that’s my motto.  I was firing right up until 11 am the day the fair opened!  I raku fired a really big seal, he’s about 27″ long and if I do say so myself he’s gorgeous!  And he has a really cute little freckle on his muzzle.

So now that the fair is done I’m a little less frenzied, but still have a lot to do as I have about 15 orders that have to be shipped out in time for Christmas.  I think it is nice that people will be opening gifts from Wildfire Pottery on Christmas day…

Well, I guess that’s it for this posting.  Now that life is slowing to a more manageable speed I’ll be able to do more blog postings I think!

bye for now,


Wildfire Pottery is now on Facebook! Here’s the link: www.facebook.com/wildfirepottery.ca

There are some specials with FREE SHIPPING to check out.

I’ll be posting those specials on the blog shortly.


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