Too busy to blog….

MeWell, its been ages since I last posted and this one isn’t going to be very long.  Its suddenly crunch time as I’ll be opening my doors to tourists again in May.  I’ve already had two sets of drop-ins even though I wasn’t open, so that’s good.  They came back!! Tourists, I mean, not those people specifically. Every year I wonder if that’s the end of tourism.  I guess we’ll see how it goes this summer with the economy being so bad.

I’m going to write a post about my new venture at the shop; selling used books.  Have to get some pictures taken, but I’ve turned some unused studio space into a book room, so I have a wee  little bookstore, with about 4000 books.

Also will have some pictures of teaching pottery to grade nines at Malcolm Monroe High School in Sydney.  They made some great masks!

When I get done sorting books (that could be never) and get my taxes done (I wish that could be never!)  I’ll write another, bigger, better, complete with shiny photos, blog posting. Promise!

Happy Spring,


(I didn’t have any exciting photos, so here’s one of me….)


2 thoughts on “Too busy to blog….

  1. Sarah! so happy to find your blog! it’s great to read about what you’re up to–i’m looking forward to checking out your books and, of course, more of your pottery (i can’t have enough!)

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