Snowed in.

Puffins in Summer

Puffins in Summer

Well, it is January and I’m in my usual unproductive post-christmas slump, brought on by too much eating and a surfeit of my favourite mystery novels! It has been ages since I did a blog posting (although I worked on a new page “all about me” for 3 hours last week and then lost it!!! )  I thought I’d post a couple of photos of my large puffins that I took in the summer to add a bit of colour.  We are in the middle of another storm here in Cape Breton, freezing-rain and wind warnings have been in effect off and on for the last couple of weeks.  We were snowed in for a few days around New Years, which was quite fun.  I snowshoed right down the Cabot Trail (in the summer its a busy tourist road) to my neighbour’s house for lunch and a bit of a whiskey tasting.  Then later that day I was picked up by another neighbour who managed to get his car free and offered a ride to a friend’s for a potluck.  Our friends driveway wasn’t ploughed either so that meant snowshoeing up the hill to their house with my Chicken Tikka in my backpack!  A few days later I was ploughed out and off to a belated New Year’s lobster supper (what did I say about too much eating?) at the firehall, which was so much fun because our community is quite close-knit and after people have been snowed in for a few days there is always excitement at getting out to see each other again. Tourists always ask “What do you do here in the winter?”, so there’s a little sample of activities which only covers a few days.  There’s always something going on around here, and too often it involves food!

I’ve been making these puffins for about a year and a half.  I really like them.  I make them from two slabs cut into puffin shapes.  I join them together, then flip the feet outwards and add a bit of clay onto the feet to make them sturdier. That sure makes a complicated process sound easy! There’s a lot more to it of course.  These guys are pretty popular, I sold about 30 of them this year.  In the fall I donated a couple of them to Cape Breton University to be auctioned off at a “Cape Breton Ceilidh” fundraiser in Toronto.  They retail for $150 in my shop, but because this was a fundraiser people were generous, one of them went for $200 and one sold for $1000! Even though I know the buyer bought it with donating to the university in mind I still can’t help feeling pretty excited about that.  They even made it into a newspaper article about the evening.

More puffins

I’m off to light the fire in my shop, then my first trip to town since 2008 for a night of music.  If you’re ever in North Sydney on a Thursday night there’s a traditional music session at Rollies Wharf, a restaurant/pub near the Newfoundland ferry terminal.  Paul and I are there most Thursdays, playing up a storm.  Happy New Year everyone.


2 thoughts on “Snowed in.

  1. I am deliberately taking January off… I’m already getting a few ideas for new pieces but I’m letting the urge to create build up and then in February: it’s on!

    Sounds like fun Up North!

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