Pros and cons of bookwork…and bookworms

Well, today I meant to get back into the studio, but my time was eaten up by car problems.  Turns out to be the battery, (I think) so I can deal with that at least!!

I’ve been entering the sales from the craft fair into my sales books over the past few days.  When I started my business everything was just in the receipt books, but now I have a ledger…maybe one day I’ll enter it into a computer!! But that takes a long time and takes time away from actually making new things.  Sometimes I get excited about bookwork, that’s weird, I know, but after I’ve entered the numbers I can check against past years to see how I’m doing, which as my business is still growing, is usually better.  Also it helps me to see how many little puffins, for example, I’ve sold as compared to last year.  That’s where entering the sales into a computer would be beneficial.  Right now at the end of the year I have to go through my books and total up all the puffins, owls, seals etc, then I enter the numbers into a spreadsheet.  If I had each sale entered in the computer then I could do all sorts of fun excel-y type things….

Also today I stayed in bed too long reading my book.  I love books.

This blog thing is kind of hard.  I am boring already!!! Imagine, bookwork makes it into my second ever posting.

p1020164Here are some seals….their “moustaches” get bigger every time I make them.  The one in the middle is en-route to Manitoba…hope he likes it there.

This picture is kind of dark.  One of my projects over the next little while is to learn how to take decent product shots with my digital camera.  Right now I can only use the easy point and shoot setting with any reliability.  I’m going to set up a little studio with lights and a little white box, is that the right term? Anyway, I’d like to be able to turn out images that would be acceptable as submissions for calls to entry.  Good photos sure make a difference.


One thought on “Pros and cons of bookwork…and bookworms

  1. hello sarah! nice blog, i like it. I also think it will be a great addition to your business. People like keeping in touch with artists they like.

    I like bookwork too, although I used to dread it. I like keeping everything in order, having records to turn back to, that sort of thing.

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